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Hardwood flooring and options it offers

You'll find, especially after doing your research, that it's just hard to beat hardwood flooring. This material offers stunning and timeless appearance options, an excellent lifespan, and great functionality in so many areas of your home. With so many benefits, it's hard to say no to.

You’ll get excellent options to personalize a look that truly speaks to your character, with various species, stain colors, and more. Once you find out what you can do with these materials, you might be surprised to find it meets most of your needs for flooring.

What you can expect in hardwood flooring

We want to start by letting you know that solid hardwood flooring can never be installed in below-grade spaces. For areas like this, we recommend considering engineered flooring instead, as it’s an excellent, real wood alternative for the solid variety.

These floors must also be acclimated before installation to avoid warping, peeling, or cracking once the floors are in place.

Choosing a species is a very important part of this process, as the species often determines whether your flooring will live up to its expected lifespan. Often reaching 100 years or more, you’ll find that these are likely the last floors you’ll ever have to install, as long as you own your home.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Bourbonnais, IL from Affordable Flooring by Rodrigo
Choosing a stain color is an exciting part of the hardwood process. Choosing prefinished materials limits your color selection somewhat, but also speeds up your installation time. Site finished materials offer more color choices, but a longer and messier installation. You’ll have to decide which you prefer, based on these bits of information.

As always, we recommend only a professional installation when it comes to these floors. Your investment will get great protection and you'll never pay for more flooring than is installed.

Let us help with your hardwood decision

At Affordable Flooring by Rodrigo, our friendly and knowledgeable associates offer you excellent service from the time you walk through our Manteno, IL showroom doors. We are a hardwood flooring store that provides a host of materials and services, all working to assure your complete satisfaction with your flooring experience.

When you shop with us, we’ll make sure we assess your requirements and preferences for your flooring, and we’ll work hard to make sure you get the material that best fits those.Be sure to visit at your convenience to find out how we can do that for you.