Is pile important when choosing carpet flooring?

Is pile important when choosing carpet flooring?

Pile is always important when choosing carpet and can have much to do with performance. Unfortunately, this is one of the terms often left misunderstood, but you can change that.

With some research, you'll find out which type of pile is right for your household. Here are some facts that can help you choose the perfect surface for your home.

What is carpet pile?

Carpet pile is the term used to describe the fiber from the backing material to the top of the fiber. Some piles are short, dense, and tightly woven, but others are long and luxurious.

Pile affects the feel of your floor covering and the performance, giving you different results. This means you can choose options that are very specific to your requirements.

Pile affects the comfort of your flooring

The most comfortable carpet piles are long, soft, and loose. These options aren't always the best for rooms with heavy traffic, but they feel great.

Shorter, tighter piles can also bring softness, depending on your options. Again, these are often created more for dependability than comfort, but they can coexist.

Pile affects the durability of your flooring

Look for a short, dense pile when you need a durable floor covering. The Loop pile is an excellent choice because the top of the fibers is not sheared.

Twisted pile offers better performance in high-traffic spaces. In addition, these carpets hold their shape better, especially in homes with children.

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