B-Natural by Happy Floors

Tile |SKU# 8870-A

Be inspired by earth’s natural beauty with B-Natural. It’s clay-inspired neutral colors and textural accents allow nature’s influence to permeate any room with ease. Uniquely shaped mosaics and dimensional wall tiles work together to infuse any living space with B-Natural’s strong personality.

Color: Kaolin Rhombus
  • Ash 12X24
  • Ash 20X48 3d Brushed
  • Ash 20X48 3d Texture
  • Ash 20X48 3d Wave
  • Ash 20X48 Plank
  • Ash 24X24
  • Ash 24X48
  • Ash Piano
  • Ash Piano Mix
  • Ash Rhombus
  • Ash Trace
  • Ash Tumbled
  • Ecru 12X24
  • Ecru 20X48 3d Brushed
  • Ecru 20X48 3d Texture
  • Ecru 20X48 3d Wave
  • Ecru 20X48 Plank
  • Ecru 24X24
  • Ecru 24X48
  • Ecru Piano
  • Ecru Piano Mix
  • Ecru Rhombus
  • Ecru Trace
  • Ecru Tumbled
  • Kaolin 12X24
  • Kaolin 20X48 3d Brushed
  • Kaolin 20X48 3d Texture
  • Kaolin 20X48 3d Wave
  • Kaolin 20X48 Plank
  • Kaolin 24X24
  • Kaolin 24X48
  • Kaolin Piano
  • Kaolin Piano Mix
  • Kaolin Rhombus
  • Kaolin Trace
  • Kaolin Tumbled
  • Umber 12X24
  • Umber 24X24
  • Umber 24X48
  • Umber Rhombus
  • Umber Tumbled
Available Size: 14.375" X 13.375"
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Happy Floors
Product Line
Kaolin Rhombus
14.375" X 13.375"
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