Four Tips for Choosing the Perfect Carpet

There is a ‘best’ carpet floor covering for every homeowner. Cushiony and stain-resistant come to mind for a child's playroom, while 'tough and durable' is the first requirement of frequent entertainers. Pet owners, there are great carpet brands for you, too. You can find the carpeting that meets your needs at Affordable Flooring by Rodrigo, a carpet store in Manteno, Illinois.

1. Consider the amount of foot traffic in the space

Nylon, the most popular carpet fiber for decades, is always a good choice for any application. Since it bounces back after compression, it retains its original look for years. Triexta is another solid and durable fiber. Wool and brightly colored polyester are great for a bedroom, while moisture-resistant olefin is appropriate for a basement.

2. Think outside the box

Fibers are looped onto a backing to create carpet, and these fibers can be cut to make more styles. Saxony, with its upright, short, and evenly cut fibers, is the traditional cut pile style. However, don't be afraid to stray from the familiar. Choose a frieze style that has long, tightly twisted fibers that curl. Or opt for a textured carpet, which combines loop and cut pile styles.

3. Don't omit the padding

Padding is a must. Without it, a carpet quickly becomes worn. In addition to protecting the carpet from abrasion, padding enhances carpet performance. Along with comfort underfoot, it offers thermal and sound insulation. Padding materials range from rubber to memory foam. High-quality padding and carpeting plus proper care equal a long lifespan.

4. The manufacturer knows best

With all of the excitement involved in a new carpet project, it’s easy to forget the obvious. Reading the manufacturer’s warranty before purchase is a must! Then you can be sure that you are choosing a carpet that meets your needs. Be aware that carpet warranties don’t always cover stairs. Note the care instructions, which may recommend professional cleaning.

For maximum durability, carpeting must be installed correctly. You can count on Affordable Flooring by Rodrigo to get the job done right. In addition to installation, our services include flooring repairs and rug binding. Bourbonnais, Kankakee, Bradley, and Peotone, Illinois, are some of the communities in our service area. Contact us for assistance with your carpet upgrade.